The product

All the products we manufacture are made of austenitic stainless steel Cr-Ni 18/10, an indestructible and corrosion resistant material, which grants lifelong duration and a perfect hygiene because of the highest level of its physical and chemical requisites. It’s an high grade steel, the same used for surgical devices, having among its main characteristics the hygiene, the easiness of cleaning, the scratch resistance, the considerable hardness and the resistance to oxidation.

The cooking units have an exclusive thermo-diffusing capsular base consisting of a thick plate of aluminum 99.5% (a metal with a very high capacity of accumulation and transmission of the heat), which is completely covered by a capsule of austenitic stainless steel Cr-Ni 18/10. Perfect heat transmission is ensured by an advanced technological method – the so called Impact Bonding System – that, by means of a pressure of thousands tons, achieves the permanent joining of the steel and aluminum’s molecules of the pot-base and body.
During the use of the cooking unit the heat accumulates in the high-thickness structure of the capsular base, which spreads it back gradually and uniformly inside the pot, so that foods can be cooked without water or fats addition.
Thanks to the particular characteristics of our pots, the natural water contained in the foods generate steam during the cooking. This steam rise up to the lid where, owing to the difference of thickness and temperature between the base and the walls of the pot, it get cold and falls back on the foods in the form of drops of water, making unnecessary any water or other condiment addition.

With our Cooking System, described below, also thanks to the perfect fit of the lid to the pot that creates a natural hermetic seal, it is possible to cook at a lower temperature saving time and energy, without condiments addition and preserving both nutritional and organoleptic features of the foods. In short, foods are cooked more delicately in their own natural fluids, for more vitamins, less fats and less calories.

The body of the cooking units

The outer walls are mirror polished for aesthetic reasons but also to facilitate cleaning, while the inner surfaces are necessarily satin finished, to protect them from scratches or marks.
The thickness of the pot’s body is about 1 mm., while the bottom is much thicker, about 1 cm. This is the reason why, during cooking, the walls heat up more slowly than the bottom, allowing the above illustrated cooking method without addition of fats or condiments while preserving all the natural aroma and the original nutritional substances.
The cooking units are also provided with a special rim that, besides it ensure a perfect fitting of the lid, also prevents dripping when the pot is tilted and facilitates emptying when it’s necessary.
In order to maintain for long time the cookware’s features and to facilitate the cleaning, we warmly recommend to salt the water only when it is boiling. In fact, adding salt to cold or to tepid water may cause some corrosion in the inner base.

The lid

Our lids are solidly constructed (thickness mm. 1,2) and are designed so that the contour of the edge fits perfectly in the special groove of the rim of the pot, to form a secure closure.
As soon as the pot heats up, a cushion of steam forms between the lid and the body, which ensure a perfect natural hermetic seal that prevents the loss of the precious nutritional substances of the foods, abbreviates cooking time and eliminates the problem of cooking smells in the kitchen.

The Handles

The handles are made of fully insulated material, making unnecessary the use of potholders and preventing from any risk of hand-burning.

Their accurate design ensures a safe grip, thanks to the perfect ergonomic adherence between the hand and the handle. Its careful design allows a secure grip, also thank to the perfect ergonomic adhesion between the hand and the handle.

The Thermometer

The special knob, which our lids are equipped with, contains a particular instrument of heat control that is not merely a simple thermometer, but a sophisticated indicator with a spiral leaf able to get the internal temperature without removing the lid and providing, above all, useful indications for a perfect cooking.
The position of the pointer on the different colored sectors (blue, green and red) provides precious information for determining, for example, if the pot is ready to cook or roast and if the cooking temperature is ideal (green zone) or too hot (red zone); in this second case the pot has to be removed from the source of heat.

The unit’s piling

The pots can be stacked one onto the other to permit the famous “multiple cooking” (for cooking two or more different recipes contemporarily or for cooking and keeping warm at the same time) thus using a single heat source and saving energy, time and space.

Another interesting aspect of our Cooking System is the possibility of piling-up all the pots and elements at one’s will, to optimize their use and facilitate their storage.

Beside the classic cookware, available in a wide range of sizes, our company also offers some exclusive pans with grilled inner base, for perfect grilling, and special oval pots which are indispensable for cooking special-shaped foods like fishes, “zamponi” and meatloaves.

In conclusion, what we are introducing is not a simple set of cookware but a real